3 Quick tricks to Level UP a Lol Account from level 1 to 30

How to Level Up Fast an LOL account: 2022 Definitive guides and tricks

how to get up fast to level 30 in lol

In this post you are going to learn the tricks on how to level up fast to level 30 in lol. Undoubtedly if you are dedicated to level up lol accounts, then, you should focus 5 minutes to this post so you can get to level 30 in a fast way.

Now, let's get to know what this is all about and get support on how to level up a lol account in NA, LAN, LAS or BR:

First Win of the Day

Winning the first game of the day in league of legends ensures you 400 xp (experience), therefore, it is important to add these experience points. The first game of the day is auto-renewed every 24 hours, so you can repeat this victory every day.

I must emphasize that this option is available from level 15, so be sure to level up fast in the first levels.

Complete LOL Daily Missions

level up fast in lol

This is another reason to level up fast, if you complete the daily quests, you will level up to level 20 in 2 days, of course if you dedicate a couple of hours to play. The league of legends missions are available in the first levels.

Another point that you should be aware of is that the game has special missions to level up fast, doing the daily missions of the Master Craftsman Chest, if you play frequently, on the third day you will unlock an experience boost. You will be given 3 XP boosts in 1 day, which means that you will have 3 days in a row of boosts to level up fast to level 30 in league of legends.

complete daily missions in lol

When you already have your boost experience for 3 days, it does not matter if you win or lose, you will receive your additional experience points at the end of each game. For this, it is recommended that you are from level 20 to use it from that level. It will be easier for you to add experience points and level up from level 20 to 30.

level up with boosted xp

Analysis Level Up League of legends Accounts to level 30: Pro and Cons

Watch this video analysis on what you need to know when creating a new lol account to level up to level 30 in a few days.

Playing Games against Bots, the best way to level up fast a League of legends (LOL) account to level 30

play games against bots to get to level 30

Level UP league of legends (LOL) accounts doesn't have much science for these cases. Here it depends on how good you are playing and how long you have been in the game, as a well-known phrase says "experience kills time", but we are going to think that there are players who want to level up accounts at level 30, that is, they are smurfing through of a practice prohibited by LOL. In league of legends, having multiple accounts improperly level up using third-party programs is the cause of a total ban for the life of the account.
This part is important so that we take into account how to level up quickly so that you win continuously. We are going to analyze a point that you surely did not know. If we play our Lol games against bots we will surely win yes or yes.

If we play games against Bots in beginner mode, the amount of experience gained will be the same, the XP points as calculated lol depends on the time a game lasts. What I mean is that the longer you delay in a game, the more experience you will receive at the end of each game.

Buy XP Boost (fastest)

The quickest method to step up is to purchase the 40 Wins XP Boost, 10 Wins XP Boost and the three days XP Boost, cost adding up to 3630 RP and playing 15 to 20 rounds of Howling Abyss or Summoner's Rift Blind Pick for the term of your day support 3 days straight. On the off chance that you do this and win most of your games, I promise you will get level 30.

How league of legends calculates the XP (experience) points of each game to quickly level up to level 30

Playing against Bots is the trick to quickly get to level 30, for the following points:

  1. 10-15 minute game: Reward 90-104 XP
  2. 15-20 minute game: reward 109-126 XP
  3. Games after 20 minutes: reward 180 to 220 XP

This is a proven fact, I have tested it both in PvP (Player Vs Player) games, as well as games against Bots. If you want to earn experience points quickly, I recommend playing against bots, you will add less points, but the amount you will receive in the long run will be higher.

Calculate a PvP match

Normally the games take between 25 to 35 minutes each, this time the Lol system will give you an experience of 190 to 230 XP at the end of the game.

There are chances that you will lose if you play PvP games, therefore, you will receive less experience points, let's say that 1 hour you play two games, one you win and the other you lose, the amount of experience you would get will be less than 300 XP.
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