Skins LOL: Complete Collection of League of Legends Skins

LOL Aspects: Legacy, definitive, mythical or hextech, legendary, epic and Prestigious.

skins lol

The skins are custom designs that are made to the characters of league of legends, each one is unique and are made by professional designers who are dedicated to create sketches of a possible appearance, to give shape, colors and then place it on the character to give life within the game.

There are all kinds of looks: clothing, armor, design of an animal, change of colors to the original skin, called chroma.

Therefore, in the summoner's store you can buy skins for your favorite champion, usually, the skins depending on their popularity can have a high or low cost and even free, if you get them inside a master craftsman chest or hextech chest.

1. Legacy Skins

legacy skins

Legacy skins are those that were given for a special event or opportune occasion, where, league of legends was promoting a certain event.

Many of these skins are no longer available because you can't get them inside a hextech chest or you can't even buy them, for sure if you go to the section of the champion that has a legacy skin you will get "unavailable", since it was given for a special occasion.

Although some of these skins have a high value for those who have these skins with old accounts. We are talking about accounts created from 2011 onwards. 

weird aspects of lol
weird aspects of lol

One of those very rare legacy skins that can not be purchased and that does not come out in chests or for some reason is: Alistar Black (blackAlistar), Justiciera Kayle, Rey Rammus (rammus king), Ufo Corki, these skins are valued to those who have it in an account from 300.00 USD onwards.

Therefore, the legacy skins, as its name says, are content that were given once in an event that league of legends was giving and now, you can not get it anywhere.

Buy Skins LOL

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2. Skin Hextech or Mythic

Skin Hextech or Mythic

These skins can't be obtained so easily, because you can't buy them with RP. Hextech or mythical skins can only be obtained through Gems, which are sometimes found in chests (hextech or master craftsman).

Therefore, to get the hextech or mythic skins you need to unlock them with the cost of 10 gems each skin. At the moment there are 18 hextech skins to exchange for gems.

These are found in the Loot section, there you will find how many gems you have accumulated, if you have 10, you can use it to forge it for a hextech skin that you like.

3. Legendary Skin

Legendary Skin lol

These skins have a high cost, you can get them inside a hextech or master craftsman chest, if you are lucky enough to get one. The odds are low, but, you can get your legendary skin in a chest.

Normally, legendary skins are given because league of legends releases a special event where they make a pack to get a certain amount of skins with some champions of their choice.

These events can be the most recent 2020: PsyOPS event, other events such as Spiritual Flower, Skins Projects. Maybe, some with specific characters. Most of these skins have a cost of 1820 RP.

4. Epic Skins

Epic Skins lol

The epic skins are unique, they are skins that have an average cost, some of these are given in events held by league of legends, either by sponsoring a new trailer or champion, or perhaps by a season finale with allusive and unique skins that you can get in a limited time.

Epic skins cost 1350 RP.

5. Definitive Skins

Definitive Skins lol

The ultimate skins really have a unique design and animations, as these skins have an integrated animation and different effects during a game. You can get them in the summoner's store with a cost of 3250 RP.

There are only 6 definiteve skins: DJ Sona, Lux elementist, Miss Fortune Galactic Gauntlet, Ezreal Fire Pulse, Udyr Spirit Guardian and Seraphine K/DA All Out.

6. Prestige Skins

Prestige Skins lol

Prestige skins can be obtained with prestige points, these are purchased through a pass. At the moment you can buy the Worlds Pass (valid until the end of the event). If you buy these passes you get 50 prestige points, however, to get a prestige look you need 100 points.

Therefore, you must buy two passes for it. These are unique skins and cannot be purchased in the summoner store. Get your Prestigious Skin this 2021.

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