How to win Hextech Chests and Key Fragments in LOL

How to get hextech chests and key fragments in league of legends

unlocking hextech chests

How to win hextech chests and key fragments in league of legends?

It is very true that by playing for hours games in league of legends, we are more likely to get as a reward: a crafted chest, key fragments and honor during the game.Por lo tanto, quiero hablarte acerca de como puedes ganar los cofres jugando a league of legends.

Therefore, I want to tell you about how you can win the chests by playing league of legends.

   There are 2 ways to obtain Hextech Chests:

  1. By getting high mastery results from champions.
  2. Also, there is the other way: Buying them in the LOL store. It's that simple.
The chests cost: 125 RP (riot points).

Now, the key fragments are obtained:
  1. If your teammates give you honor at the end of a game.
  2. Or you can buy a hextech key in the store.
The keys cost: 125 RP

Buy a Hextech or Craftsman Chest with RP

Recharge your Riot Points account to purchase hextech or master craftsman chest packs.

What does it contain when I unlock a hextech chest?

If you manage to win a game by obtaining a score of S or higher, the system will reward you with an artisan chest. Even if you lose the game, but a teammate of your team achieves this result, the system will still reward you with a hextech chest.

open a hextech chest

When you open a hextech chest, you have a chance to win a:

  • Skin fragment, hextech crafting.
  • Champion fragment, hextech crafting
  • Gesture
  • Sentinel Aspect Fragment
  • Summoner Icon
  • Also, a chance to contain a Gem, loot exclusive.

What is the way to get a hextech chest?

Achieve a score: S, S- or S+

To achieve this score it is necessary to have the acquired champion, because it is not valid if you get the result with a champion that is in free rotation of the week and you do not have it purchased in your loot. You must take this into account if you want to get a chest at the end of the game.

You will only be able to get one chest per champion each season, also, you must take this into account in case you didn't know it. Therefore, once this season 11 (2021) is over and the other season 12 is renewed the next year you will be able to get once again all the chests with each champion you play.

Now, that you know the requirements to get the chests in Lol, I must make you clear that there is a limit to get them, see the image below:

getting hextech chests in lol

Here in the picture shows that you have to get 3 chests in the day to unlock, what I mean is that if you play 3 different champions today and of course you get an S- score then, Lol will give you 3 free chests to open. 

You can't accumulate more than 3 chests because the system only allows this amount, which if you play more than 3 games, but, you already have 3 chests saved unopened, the system will not allow you to store more from there. So don't be like me, I tried to earn more than this amount and they didn't give me more chests.

Something you should also be clear that you may not know how to play all the champions, for example, you went to play with Sona as support, but, you did terrible in the game with 0 kills, 10 kills and 5 assists, in other words a game to forget, however, if someone from your team manages to get an S, S- or S+ then, you will receive the chest even if you have been kicked because they belong to the same team.

How to get key fragment in LOL?

honor level 2 in lol

☑️ Have Honor level 2 and above
☑️ Not having chat restricted or banned for other inappropriate behavior that prevents you from not having honor 2 practically, then, re-state your in-game attitude so you can start getting free keys in Lol.
☑️ Raising your honor level to get more keys.
☑️ In every game receive an honor at the end from your teammates.

Now, you may also be interested in some information that Riot shared some time ago regarding the percentage of loot in hextech chests:

What are the odds when unlocking Hextech Chests?

Based on 100%, the percentage chance of reward when unlocking a hextech chest is:

馃拵 50% skin fragment.
馃拵 25% champion fragment
馃拵 10% for an icon
馃拵 11.5% for a sentinel skin and additional 150 of orange essence
馃拵 3.5% a summoner icon and 150 orange essence

Although you have odds that you will get a:

馃拵 10% 1 chest and 1 key.
馃拵 3.6% a gem.

These are percentages of probabilities that you will get as a reward for unlocking hextech chests. Now, if within these probabilities you get a gem and you want to exchange it for a master craftsman chest, I will tell you the percentages you get when you open one of these.

The percentages when opening a loot Master Craftsman Chest are:

馃拵 70% skin fragment.
馃拵 10% 525 of orange essence.
馃拵 10% icon
馃拵 10% skin ward and 150 orange essence
馃拵 10% master craftsman chest
馃拵 3.6% Gem

Another point that we must take into account that if we get a final skin these are unlocked immediately and you will not have to spend additional to get them. And the Hextech Skins the odds that you touch are about 2,500 times you try to unlock a hextech chest.

I hope you liked this post to get hextech chests, keys and the odds in percentages that you can get as loot.
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