▷ How to Get FREE Capsules, Blue Essence and Champions in LOL

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: Obtaining Capsules to unlock champions and blue essence in LOL

unlock blue essence and free champions lol

Playing league of legends is a hobby or job for some players from all regions, where the competition is getting stronger. But, of all that, many want to play with their favorite characters when they create a new account, therefore, sometimes it is necessary to buy them in the summoner's store.

Now, if you are here it is because you are interested in how to obtain free champions and blue essence through capsules. Therefore, let me list what are the ways to get champions and blue essence in league of legends:

1. Basic Champion Capsule

basic champion capsule

The basic champion capsules are acquired when you level up, this begins to appear from level 10 and for each level you go up you are awarded one of these capsules. To open or unlock it you don't need a key, you just have to click the open button.

Contains champion shard, this is kept in the Loot section until you can claim it.

champion shard

2. Glorious Champion Capsule

glorious champion capsule

Glorious Champion Capsules first appear when you reach level 30, and reappear every time you go up 10 levels (level 30, 40, 50, 60 and so on) for this type of Glorious Champion Capsule.

Contains champion shard and some additional rewards, for example: blue essence.

3. Get blue essence

disenchant blue essence

To get blue amounts of essence in the game you can unlock champion shards you've acquired by opening basic or glorious champion capsules. These are found in your Loot, ready for you to exchange for Blue Essence or unlock for your collection.

When you disenchant a champion fragment for blue essence, depending on the champion you have, the amount of essence they can give you can vary, some can be unlocked for 1260 blue essence or less.

Also, in your loot, you get how much it costs in blue essence to discount the champion that came out in the basic or glorious champion capsule.

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